Sales Talent Acquisition


Identifying Sales Champions

The most important element of any sales engine is its recruitment and talent attraction program. Identifying those with the desire and drive to commit themselves to excellence is the hardest part of unearthing the type of candidates that are going to add real and lasting value to your sales team. 

It is relatively easy to find educated, affable and engaging candidates, however in an age of endless automation, social media immersion and smartphone addiction, the challenge is in uncovering those candidates that have the ambition, dedication and persistence to not only be proactive, but to strive to push further, faster and higher.

The key to effective sales recruitment is to discover candidates that are willing to dedicate themselves to not only learning your sales process and blueprint for excellence, but are willing to devote themselves to a championship effort, day in and day out in pursuit of greatness!

Hunting Talent

Using our unique search and selection process, behavior based interviewing style and targeted identification methodology we will unearth the profiles, personalities and people that will make up the driving force of your sales engine, candidates that will strive for excellence, be eager to learn your model and approach, and most importantly become obsessed with developing into your next success story!

Onboarding to Win

We will create a complete and robust  onboarding program to guide your new salespeople though all of the fundamentals of success. Before they begin to engage with prospects we will cover all aspects of the role with them, from sales process and technique, to structuring their day for achievement, through to understanding the full set of attributes that make for a high achiever with your team. 

Additionally, we will instill your new recruits with the spirit, ethos and mindset key to taking on this new and exciting challenge with your organization so that they are not only ready to tackle the role but are keen and enthusiastic to develop into a top performer!

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