Sales Training

Forging Sales Athletes

The hallmark of a great sales consultant is their ability to not only develop processes and systems that your business can leverage to consistently generate revenue, we also use our proprietary methodologies to empower your salespeople, sales management and sales teams to shatter limiting paradigms and achieve their true potential. 

We do this by focusing on skill set, action set and mindset, what we like to refer to as the three A's ...

  • Approach: We equip your salespeople with a bulletproof, advisory-led sales process for dynamic new business development and effective closing.
  • Actions:  We sharpen sales professionals and their performance with cutting-edge, sales execution "know how" to amplify results. 
  • Attitude: We turn salespeople into sales athletes by developing a success oriented state-of-mind for peak performance. 

A Success Oriented Psychology

Your sales team may have the experience and skills to achieve, but are their hearts and minds in the right place?

Is your sales team equipped with the right attitude and psychology to not only accomplish their objectives but to shatter expectations?

A belief system and creed rooted in the right principles, the precepts and maxims of champions, will ensure your sales force is primed to succeed at the highest levels.

We deliver powerful inspiration, knowledge and education on systems of thinking and the psychological positioning necessary to leverage each sales professional's true potential as a top performer.  

Coaching on the Ethos of Sales Champions

Sell Magnetic Advisory & Sales Training delivers the following key workshops and seminars designed to field a team of best-in-breed sales athletes:

  • Developing a Winning Mindset.
  • The Attributes of Sales Champions.
  • Beyond Belief - How to Acquire the Faith & Passion of Top Revenue Producers.
  • Sales Leadership.
  • Motivating Sales Teams.
  • Attracting A-Players - How to Recruit, Cultivate & Retain Elite Sales Professionals.